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new mower and other pics

Haven't really posted much lately. Been busy, bought another landscaping company and still busy with school. We bought a 52" cheetah with bagging system to replace our walker unit. We were just too inefficient with the walker. It cut really good...when it worked...The thing would break down multiple times a year. It was a nightmare from the start. The 52" units are a completely different frame/unit from the 61" units. Its nice and compact, has a great ride and still goes fast. We have already put close to 90hrs on it and we have had it for about 3 weeks now. It fits nicely with our 61" turf tiger and 48" ProV.

And here is a new lawn and planting job that I still need to get more pics of. It was supposed to take 2-3 days but ended up taking over a week b/c of rain delays...Gotta find a landplane...

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