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Originally Posted by agrostis View Post
If you lived in Charleston through Hugo and you still live there, then you are a dedicated lifer. I was 50 mile's to the north of Charlotte NC that night and that storm sounded like freight train coming through. I remember watching transformer's on telephone pole's blowing up, there was no power in my town for 4 day's. How long was your power out, 3-4 week's ?
well I was 10 in 89 if that matters but yeah, it was a wild night that I remember vividly. chinaberry tree in backyard was down on ground at the eye, and standing back up after it was over.

HUGE pine in back (14' trunk I kid you not) fell across property and luckily hit nothing. a company that had been pestering my dad for YEARS for it actually paid to haul it off since he said he was gonna burn it. made beautiful coffee tables/dining room tables all in one piece, one they gave to him.

cant help it, I love this town. I love the salt water, I love the local oyster clusters, the music, downtown, etc....I just hate my lawn lol.

we were out of power for 2 months. we did have generators and army MRE's though.
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