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Originally Posted by Green_Pips View Post
Sure, you may have provided a job, and these people may be happy to work...But, what you just described, is one of the reasons why the job market is weak. Everybody seems to be happy exploiting the weak economic conditions with low wages.... I will leave it with this food for thought. I certainly would not boast about how I have over qualified employees which I am happy to under pay, simply because the economy allows it?
I never said anything about under paying them. You sure do assume a lot. Employees typically stay with our company for 5-10 years. I have 5 guys who have been here over 9 years now! That's because I treat them well, pay them a respectable wage, and don't take advantage of them. Our office manager has been here almost 2 years now and has had 2 raises since she started. She has benefits and is happy with her position.

The irrigation tech. I was referring to is making almost $20 an hour, plus benefits. And he gets 5-15 hours of overtime every week, if he wants it. He also gets time off when he requests it. Like yesterday he requested half the day off. The only job he was able to find before we hired him in this industry, after being in Oregon for over 6 months, was a low-paying job at the Japanese Gardens just taking tickets and answering questions. Now, unfortunately he's not being used as a landscape architect, as he was trained. But the reality is we don't have a position for a full time landscape architect here. And neither does anyone else at this point. So he's been very happy at least taking a job in the same industry in which he was trained and making fairly good money.

Don't assume so much. Just because I had people who are well qualified doesn't mean I abuse the privilege. You misread what I was saying. My point was: Before 2008, we could never find qualified people and always ended up having to hire someone who wasn't quite right, just because they were the only ones who applied or showed up. But after 2008, we now have an abundance of choices. It's only smart to choose the best candidate. And in a pre-2008 economy maybe they could have made more elsewhere, but not now. Right now they're getting a good wage, a stable job, and good benefits. If the economy improves and they are hiring people trained in landscape architecture at big firms my irrigation tech. who was trained as a landscape architect will have the opportunity to move to that firm, if he chooses. But for now, he gets a really nice respectable job, a company vehicle to take home every day, good pay (at or better than industry norms), benefits, and a good working environment. So far he's been really happy with that situation. Who are you to tell him he should not have taken this position with us and should have held out for a non-existent job in landscape architecture???
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