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Well said Jim.

I don't see an issue with Jim's original statement.

A common problem now is there is a flood of well qualified people out there right now. Many who believe because of there schooling or qualifications they deserve and are entitled to better paying jobs.
The reality is there is not alot of those jobs out there so those spots get filled with the best of the best and the rest of the well qualified are somewhat stuck with less desirable jobs. Many have to much pride to take those.

At least around here it is what I see. I have friends, family and others I know that were making X and lost there jobs and refuse to now go work for Y because they believe they are better than that. They went to school, they had good jobs, and are good workers so they should get that again. It is unfortunate but the reality is there are not enough jobs for those people and it's time to swallow some pride and go back to work for less desirable jobs until things change.
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