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Originally Posted by headz77 View Post
it's definitely not a black hat site, and shows up #1 for "small biz seo". i think it must be a "blogroll"- though i am not totally clear on what that is

interesting thing- i had to enter my website to post. however, the website is not shown with my original post...
Assuming I'm looking at the correct site, their comment system does display recent comments on each page, via the right sidebar. All of their outbound links show as nofollows, so who knows. I still think the backlinks are as a result of this. If you want, shoot me a pm and I'll take a look at them. My guess is you'll see them drop off your report sooner rather than later.

Many comment systems have the field for your web site. Whether they publish it or not is usually stated.

A Blog Roll is a list of related/interesting sites that is usually in one of the sidebars.
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