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i'm 23 days out. today it looks a little better. some of the additional seed i put out is sprouting a bit. the week of heavy rain we had last week didn't help to much, the area on right slopes down, and the water washed some of the new grass out a bit, its kinda matted down.. i backed off my watering some. i guess i'm gonna get the sprinkler out every 3rd day and just continue to mist the thinner areas i overseeded once or twice daily.. i'm not expecting much out of this lawn by the looks of it. first time seeding one from scratch, and probally gonna be the last

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Inzane, I am in the exact same boat as you. I am at day 20 today. I seeded at 8 lbs. it looks great from a distance but up close it's thin. A few area look better than others. The good areas are 4 inches. I am wondering if I should cut it this week and spread more seed at half the rate. Being that it's a bunch grass I am scared ti over do it.
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