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Originally Posted by A1 services View Post
Well Im going to pick it up as i type this. Going with the Vanguard. Hope I dont regret it
I doubt you will regret it for a minute. Is there the possibility of getting a bad one- yea, sure, but that goes for any brand. Day in, day out, you simply hear less about a bad BB Vanguard than other brands. You'll be happy with the power too. The 26 Kawi may do better on fuel, but then again it may not depending on the turf conditions. For sure it would have to work a lot harder to do the same work, and that does nothing good for engine longevity. I came very close to buying that same exact mower 2 years ago, but the dealer was 50+ miles from me, and that just doesn't work for me.

Post some pics of it when you get it, and congrats!
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