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About to place my order on a blower, last minute help wanted!

Purchasing a Billy goat walk behind blower (F1302H) OR the Billy Goat self propelled walk behind blower (F1302SPH) off ebay. Prices are $1,599.00 for non self propel and $1,899.00 for Self propelled. Is it really worth an extra $300 for self propelled? Or is the pusher easily to handle even at 160lbs with all the wheels ? Also is ebay a good bet for cheapest? My thought was to get the cheapest new piece of equipment rather than spending an extra $500 from the dealer, if something breaks it has to be repaired regardless and that costs money. Also was thinking of contact the seller to give me a packaged deal if i puchase one of those high powered backpack blowers like the redmax 8500? or the echo 770 ? Advice needed please! Will be placing the order later tonight as to have it readily availible for the fall cleansup that are rapidly approaching ( aka a week or so). Thank you so much for the advice ahead of time, i know you guys know your stuff!
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