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Originally Posted by puppypaws View Post
The rep can say anything he likes, and it can be far from fact, and to prove that, listed below is Hustler's own written description, not mine, not yours, and not the reps. As with any description used to advertise, and for legal purposes, if Hustler considers their 15 mph speed on a Hustler Super Z to be used for transport purposes only, then that is the way it would be stated in their advertising, as well as their specifications, and it would be hard-word defined as saying...15 MPH Transport Speed, but as you see from their on words below, this is not the case...making whatever rep, and whoever else believes this; to be totally incorrect.

For anyone that cares to argue about hard facts you can read with your own eyes, take it up with Hustler, they wrote the description, and the description means their Super Z mower will travel up to 15 mph, and mow at that speed if conditions suit.

"The Hustler Super Z™ is in a class by itself. Literally. The Industrial-Grade Super Z is built like a tank and rides like a thoroughbred - with a top speed of 15 mph. The new HyperDrive™ hydraulic system is engineered to run at higher psi levels than any other mower on the market. Its VX4™ deck technology delivers a clean cut and finish that complements its industrial muscle. The Super Z is backed by Hustler's longer Industrial-Grade warranty, not found on any other zero-turn mower. When you want the toughest, most capable mower, climb aboard the Super Z."

To further reiterate this, anyone knows a mower will ride good in a transport situaion such as on a road, but they are stating the mower rides like a thoroughbred, and up to a speed of 15 mph. This statement would not be needed if they believed the 15 mph top speed would only be utilized very little, when as someone said, like moving from point "A" to point "B."
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