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Originally Posted by ArTurf View Post
I've never pulled a hose, I started with a ride-on maybe 3 or so years ago. I can't imagine using a hose on some of my lawns. They average 20,000 plus sf. I would love to go with some of you and see how it's done though.

I'm 40 minutes north of Little Rock. I charge $10/hr for training at sites designated by me. I will buy your lunch on the first day. After that, you're on your own.

I would say half of my client base is 6-18K sq ft. A quarter is 20-35K. an eighth is 35-90K and an eighth is less than 6K.

The hose/gun comes in handy for quite a few but the ride is the way to go for some of the larger clients. I have used the wand/lesco gun/t-jet nozzle combination dragging a hose to spray grassy weeds in the past. I can't imagine doing some entire lawns that I have with a T-jet nozzle even with 120 degree spray angle or a handheld boom for that matter. I can see where that setup or a gas powered backpack could be the best tool for the operation depending on site conditions though.
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