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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
after reading this post, I got to thinking- why not just ask Hustler directly instead of trying to decipher/interpret their advertising? So I did. The following is my e-mail to them, and the reply I just got back a few minutes ago.

I have been having a debate with some fellow LCO's about how fast the SZ can MOW (as opposed to go) without any issues of missing grass etc. I know under ideal conditions, it can probably mow at the advertised 15MPH, but what do you the Hustler Corp actually recommend, as in, is the top speed mostly for transport, or was the SZ designed to be used to mow at that top speed? What is your suggestion for average daily use regarding speed? We have taken into consideration that a lot of it depends on the ground conditions, type of lawn etc., and since your advertising doesn't make the distinction of exactly where that top speed was designed to generally be used, we would like to hear it from you directly.

Thank you for your help.


This was their reply-

You kind of answered it yourself. 15mph is mainly for transport. As far as mowing, it is all on the conditions of the grass. Too fast and you'll leave uncut grass. Slow down till it does a good job.
In some situations you might need a kit or different blades for better cutting.

Jack Harper
Customer Service
Excel Industries
LOL. I was going to call when I had time but you beat me to it with email. Thats what I figured they would say. Top speed is just that, a top speed. Nothing about cutting speed.
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