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Originally Posted by JimLewis View Post
Ever since the recession hit, I got guys I could have only dreamed of hiring before willing to come and work for me for 25% less than they would have before.
Originally Posted by 32vld View Post
His words not mine.
Originally Posted by 32vld View Post
He is paying them 25% less then before.

The problem is not that they are over qualified they are under paid.

When you are making a lot less then before you can't afford to pay your mortgage........
WHOA!!!! Relax there a little 32vld. You gotta get your facts straight before you go piping off at the mouth on things you don't know anything about.

I never said I pay anyone 25% less. I said I had guys coming to us, WILLING TO WORK for 25% less. We've always paid very competitive wages, they get good benefits, and some nice fringe benefits as well. Just because they were willing to work for less doesn't mean I took advantage of that. In fact, I told you above that, in fact, I did NOT take advantage of that. Every one of the people I've hired since the recession are getting paid as much or more than we ever paid for that position and as good or better than any of our competitors pay for the same position.

If you'd actually bother to take a minute and read what I actually wrote rather than just reading a sentence or two then making false accusations, you would have caught this. Go back and re-read the part above where I said,
Originally Posted by JimLewis View Post
I never said anything about under paying them. ...... treat them well, pay them a respectable wage, and don't take advantage of them. ........The irrigation tech. I was referring to is making almost $20 an hour, plus benefits. And he gets 5-15 hours of overtime every week, if he wants it. He also gets time off when he requests it......

.....Just because I had people who are well qualified doesn't mean I abuse the privilege.
If you want to have a pissing match over proper wages, let's compare notes a little. What are you paying your workers per hour for the different positions withing your company? Do you offer health insurance to your workers? A company vehicle to take home? Cell phone with unlimited minutes they can use any time? Flexible hours? Or do you even have employees? My bet is you either don't have any - which means you have no experience in the area which you are criticizing me for - or if you do have employees I'd love to see you put your money where you mouth is and explain to me how you offer them so much better pay and benefits than I do.
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