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Originally Posted by Mickhippy View Post
The vids when Im wearing the cut off sleeve shirt cutting the long grass was the first time I mowed my place with the new machine so yeah, was fun but now, the novelty has worn off.

Ridin' Im 95% sure they were just the Fusion blades that came with the machine. Excell 602771 PO I believe.
I agree that they do get the clippings out, if it wasnt for the occasional clump that gets caught up Id be a very happy man! As you know Ive never complained about the clumps cutting that sort of grass, its when the grass is short, where the XR7 deck would of done it without drama etc.
What mess's with my head is it can cut and discharge long wet grass very well a lot of the time but get it onto a patch of thick dry much shorter grass and it clumps. WTF.
As you know Mick, I follow your posts about the QOC issue, and I really can't understand it either.

I was watching your vids and paying close attention to the discharge whenever I could see it, to see if there were certain times that clippings would hang up at the rear corner of the opening. Most of the time, the majority of clippings were coming out along the front edge of the opening, but every so often, they would also come out right along the area you've been trying to fix/modify. While nothing was sticking or clumping in the vids at that point of the opening, it may be something for you to study for yourself since you are there looking at everything (including the grass before cutting) in person. Maybe you'll see something in the vids that gives you a clue to something you've not thought of before?

I know that if you did get it figured out, I'd be much more inclined towards one exactly like it in the future, because that is otherwise a fine machine.
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