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Originally Posted by mtmower View Post
Mick, I had called Hustler a couple weeks ago on a non-related item and talked to Dan (didn't get a last name). After talking to me a little I picked his brain on any updates, new models, etc. Asked about fixes for the VX4 discharge and brought up you and your issue up. He laughed and said he just got back from down under visiting dealers and wish he'd been aware. Australia is part of the territory he covers. I gave him your LS screen name. He seem genuinely interested and acted as if he'd attempt contacting you. Figure it couldn't hurt. Hope he gives you the silver bullet.
Man, I dont know what to say but, thank you very much! I would like nothing more than to sing the praises of all aspects of the SZ, Im over the tank issue (pointless stressing about it) but the discharge is another matter.

I have been in contact with the importers here, its how I got the ok to do those mods but havent had any help with it, except from my friendly local Scag dealer.

I truly hope to hear from him!

Again, thanks a heap mate!
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