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Originally Posted by RigglePLC View Post
The big question here is does a slit seeder produce better results than aeration? Or vertical mowing? Better than broadcast? If so, how much better?
Opinion? Does it matter what type of seed you are using? What condition should the old turf be? What is the best method in your part of the country?
I found out the best way slit seed is
1- thatch lawn with power rake one way
2 slit seed with out seed different way
3 sweep thatch up
4 broadcast 1/2 of the seed Apply Lime and Fertilizer
5 slit seed with the other 1/2 of the seed amount

I found this works with better results vs just slit seeding
To me seems leaving thatch and rains on it, The thatch mats back down seals up

I get under bid on lot of jobs but in long run people learns you get what you pay for
Im only one around here that gives a warranty Slit seeding I give 90 day and New Lawns I give 1 year
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