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Originally Posted by muddywater View Post
Uh we service what we sell. I will tell juan, uncle jim thinks he is a piece of crap.
I don't lay blame on Juan, you're the one that does the pointing right? I might like to work with Juan, share some tips and techniques back and forth. I tend to learn something from everyone. The problem would be when he changed his views and outlook, we might bond and i might change my name to Juanidejim. Now that's funny!
I dont claim to be an expert like you do.... even though you are not capable of doing installations, you seem to be the vile resident expert.
I don't make claims, i never placed myself in that small list of professionals that i strive to be more like. There wasn't enough time or space to acknowledge all of the true craftsmen on this site. Another thing is that i have never said i can't install, i said i don't. Why should i? I do enough work to keep me happy, love what i do and receive a great deal of satisfaction from my jobs. As far as the rest of your post goes, you are the only member of the forum that i have issue with and that is only because in your little world you are always right, welcome to the real world.
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