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There is 1300 bales per truck normaly. Look up Ryan's select turf and order your pine straw from them there west of montgomry. They do drops for us in Birmingham often. I'll have to look up my price in the office. It's around $3.10-3.20 per bale. They also have 'super' bales that are rolled up. Each role is roughly 2.5 bales. There is a guy off of overten road that sells there straw. You can always swing by and look at. Also not to keep babbling just like every company out there you will get a bad bale or truck. I'm always very specific about my quality I expect and I have not problem not accepting it.
Last thing if that doesn't work. Call Ewing irrigation in Pelham not trussville. Ask for Rob tell him you need a truck. There long needle is fantastic.
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