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Originally Posted by THEGOLDPRO View Post
Is this really a serious question??? You were too lazy to put the second bungee cord back on (Which is the way you found the gate) and her dog got out, STOP BEING LAZY AND DO YOUR JOB.
Try to un-tie it when you can't get your fingers or hand through the chain link. Its stomach high fence and you'd probably tell your helper to go around and get it. Thats being lazy!!!!

Originally Posted by pseudosun View Post
heh heh, OP, i feel your pain. Not the answers wanted see, huh?
Of course, someone in the bunch has to be a hot shot and give me a smart ass answer, hence why I don't visit the forum A LOT!
mopar or no car

Originally Posted by bobcat_ron View Post
Suck it, Al Gore.

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