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Originally Posted by david bailey View Post
I'm looking at using this as an all around machine. Thats why I have been interested in the 121. It's a 9k machine and might be easier to use in a tight enviroment compared to the 161 or a U 45. You might havea different opinion tho so I'm all ears,er eyes in this case.

I have a B 26 with a backhoe so a smaller machine I have. I like the idea of the strength of the 10k-12k units but worry about being able to get into the job. I have the equipment and CDL for moving bigger toys so should I consider the U 45 or 161 or even a U 55?

Is a 55,161 that much stronger than a 121,U45? I'll probably use it a lot for stumps,clearing yard waste and construction debris and doing drainage. I might try to do some mowing with it too if I can develop that line of work with it. If I'm buying one I want to make sure I have plenty of options as to the type of work I can do with it. The reason I've looked at used is primarily the fact I don't load any of my equipment up with hours and the intial costs altho 0% financing is attractive.
A couple months ago I was looking to buy a new 121, when I demoed the machine it was very nice and smooth but the cab seemed small and outdated. When I returned the machine they had a U55 come in so I demoed it and ended up buying it. The cab is much more comfortable and the 55 has a lot more power. I got use to the extra size of the machine in a day or two and am now glad I went bigger. The minimal tail swing is also nice.
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