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Originally Posted by jlcrox2 View Post
Maybe you could buy a mongoose to keep with you. I can't speak for all of them but that Rikki Tikki Tavi was one bad SOB. .... Or a honey badger. I hear they don't give a sh!t.

Should solve your snake problem.

I hate snakes, they can keep the big ones down in the dirty south. I hate basically everything except mammals like dogs, cats (not really), foxes, 'yot-ays (coyotes), wolves, deer, etc. I saw a garder snake in a property of mine that borders a small tree line and then a big prairie area. Damn near jumped out of my work boots! It's one of my favorite accounts and I will certainly not drop it (especially because it's a mile away from home and it's a full service account). I didn't kill it as it wasn't harming me, I believe every animal has its place on Earth for a reason. Even mosquitoes..
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