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Originally Posted by ProStreetCamaro View Post
That is just like walker and hustler around here. Non existent. Not many gravely's either but I have seen a few more this year. I saw a state truck with 2 new 400's on the trailer and a crew that cuts in my neighborhood has one also. Here it is exmark, toro, scag and bobcat.

If Gravely keeps up what they are doing right now I can see them becoming one of the top names in commercial lawn care equipment. What I am afraid of is I don't want to see them get so big that customer service and build quality goes down hill. That happens to every company that gets huge. If they can keep there focus and keep the cs and build quality in check I really do think they will become huge.
Just have to learn to crawl, walk then run. If you try to walk or run first, you'll end up face first on the dirt or pavement. Keep a positive attitude as well. Do all that and what they are doing now, they will be on top for a long time.

In another thread, I said a couple brands are dying and others are filling in. Looks like its slowly happening.
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