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You hire the best for the least...that's the american way, 32vid

Originally Posted by 32vld View Post
He is paying them 25% less then before.

The problem is not that they are over qualified they are under paid.

When you are making a lot less then before you can't afford to pay your mortgage, default loans, can't afford to buy a car, spend less on food, clothes, etc.

How can the economy come back when people have very little disposable income to pay for goods and services.

Sales stay down the economy stays down.

One thing to be happy that you are getting the best employees ever. Another to exploit them.
If you never learned that in Biz school, now's the time to learn it well. "Exploitation" is the Nike shoe factory in China paying pennies on the dollar, that's exploitation. Me and others putting an ad out there for X dollars and having a line of folks wanting work is called "the Obama economy". It's not my job in this life to see to it that everybody makes their mortgage payment on time, or has a nice car to drive, or can afford their kid's college fund. Not my problem. I've got plenty of things to think about in a day's time and that ain't one of 'em.

I'm not responsible for "an economy". I hire based on what I can get out there for the jobs I need completed. Does it matter to me that MBAs want to edge curbs for me? No. I could care less what worthless paper is behind their resumes. Get your ass out there and mow grass for me!

Economies will take care of themselves if the right policies and politicians are in office to allow owners like myself to prosper. If I don't prosper, I don't hire and I don't give raises. If I do prosper, then I expand and am forced to pay more. During Bush's era I paid more, during OBama's reign I don't. Simple economic realities. One favors business and one doesn't.

If you accept what I pay, then you have a hand in your so-called "exploitation" don't ya? I can't force you to do anything. If you want to lay on the gov'ment with unemployment, food stamps, assistance, fraud, etc...nothing I can do to stop you. That rarely gets mentioned, friend, rarely. I'm paying for that. You and I are paying the freight and it isn't going to stop. I'll keep on paying peanuts and my margins will continue to rise. I've got to make up lost time due to this damned drought you know...somebody's gotta pay?
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