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And this is why most landscapers don't look like a typical landscaper from the 80's& 90's geese push the freaking blower guys. Extra $300 now is going to be an extra $500-$800 to fix the drive in 4/5 years down the rd. what ever happened to doing leaves for 30 days straight 12 hrs a day then looking at urself in a mirror in December going " yes sir Pushing that blower paid off". Remember this " work like a slave,eat like a king,look like a god". Unless ur on a 2 acre lot or a golf course using a cyclone self propelled that can actually move at a decent pace ,if ur strong enough u can defiantly push the blower faster even up hills than the self propelled ones. Now All u slackers that love ur riding mowers, Don't get offended. It's just the truth.
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