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Credit is a tool. Use it carefully and judicially and it can make you money. I will give an example of one of my purchases last year.

I bought a Scag V-ride for $6500 @ 3.49% interest for 60 months. The interest is $226.85 for the year. I financed the whole thing. The interest is less than the annual cost of repairs for the machine I was using. I also got a 2 year warrantee with the new Scag. I paid the Scag off by the end of the year.
I plan on doing the same thing this year with one of the new 48" Cheetahs. I just bought another totally enclosed trailer for my 2nd mow crew. I paid cash for the trailer because I was more efficient and profitable with the V-ride and made the money to do this
I started this business with my credit card because I had no money. I would not recommend that, but I had no choice and it worked for me. I now have a spray truck, sprinkler repair van, one mow crew with enclosed trailer and equipment, and a yard clean-up/landscrape crew. Everything is paid for except the 2008 Chevy Silverado bought 2 months ago. I also own a Sullair 185 cfm diesel compressor. Yep, its paid for.

This is my 3rd year in business and I am grossing over $230,000. It is hard work but it can be done. Do not let yourself be scared away from success. Be committed, be smart, and work hard.
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