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REDMAX issues anyone got answers?

Does the ethanol fuel just screw these up? I've got two pieces of redmax equipment that will not start and run well. They need choked and feathered quite a bit. They have a death wish.

I've taken both to two different redmax dealers with no improvements. Gotten carb kits installed and intake gaskets, tune ups. No one has any real answer other than Redmax has carb problems. Not sure if replacing the carbs will improve them so I haven't tried yet.

Read a bunch of the Redmax threads in this forum and seems everyone has the same super cold blooded problem but doesn't report back with any sucessful fixes.

Really like to hear if I need to stay away from Redmax. Love the ergos of the equipment but sick of the problems.

FWIW I had a Redmax trimmer bought in 01 and sold last year that never needed even a carb kit or anything at all other than tune ups. Another bought in 04 that needed one carb kit in 7 years. And I still have a hedgetrimmer bought in 04 that has zero problems, just changed the plug.

Something is definitely up with the newer Redmax equipment.

My helper prefer the redmax's over the stihl trimmer we carry around even with the cold blooded problem. The ergos and weight/noise. Stihl is dependable but just ham handed.
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