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Originally Posted by bligh61 View Post
what are blink codes
The kohler EFI engines have an onboard computer with a diagnostic port if you have the correct scanner.

Fault codes can also be accessed and deciphered through a procedure in which the check engine light will blink a certain number of times designating the first number of a 2 digit code followed by a brief pause and then more blinking which designates the 2nd number in the code. The procedure for accessing this feature is as follows...

1. Start with the key switch off.

2. Turn the key switch on-off-on-off-on, leaving it
on in the third sequence. The time between sequences must be less than 2.5 seconds.

3. Any stored fault codes will then be displayed as a series of MIL blinks (from 2 to 6) representing the first digit, followed by a pause, and another series of blinks (from 1 to 6) for the second digit (see Figure 5B-40).

a. Itís a good idea to write down the codes as they appear, as they may not be in numerical sequence.

b. Code 61 will always be the last code displayed, indicating the end of code transmission. If code 61 appears immediately,
no other fault codes are present.

Post the codes you get and one of us can tell you what it means or you can do it yourself by downloAding the free service manual for your engine @
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