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Originally Posted by tbambersvc View Post
I work alone 95% of the time. Ask my future brother in law to help on clean-ups and leaf pick up, thats it. He is the only one I will take with me because he works and does the jobs how I want them to be done. However, I like working on my own because I know the work is done right and the customers are happy.
yes this is a huge reason i stay solo. because when i do the work i know it's done the way i want it done and more importantly the way the client wants it done.

when i do ask for a help here and there on larger projects i always have the help doing the "crap" work. like if i'm pruning shrubs, i'm the one pruning and they are the one's with the rakes and bins loading up the debris.

Originally Posted by BROWNS LAWN CARE View Post
this thread has got me worrying about expanding... i am solo and have posted in this thread, and it seems i can stay solo and make a great living without employee headaches...

it would be nice to sit in the office while others mow however...
yeah i think it would be nice to be the one sitting in the office all the time or running around doing estimates all the time instead of the one out in the field.

but you can make a good living depending on how you live staying solo.
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