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It froze last night. That means no more frost/freeze warnings because as as Rich Wirdzek says on channel 7 Dayton, "it's the end of the growing season." Sometimes the growing season runs into November. Not this year. A person has to be flexible.

Grass will grow all winter when ever the soil temps are high enough, but not very much. I may cut one more time, maybe not. I'll look at some lawns next week after the 70 degree temps Sat & Sun. I leave my lawns a little long thru the winter to encourage root growth. Then start early next spring.

Here's what you need to check soil temps next spring.

It's intended for use to apply pre-emergence herbicide. It saved me from wasting a lot of herbicide last spring. It'll work for grass growth too. When soil temps reach 65 degrees the grass takes off.

It's pretty common to seed in the fall. The seed will germinate next spring.
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