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Originally Posted by WorldsStrongestLandscaper View Post
And this is why most landscapers don't look like a typical landscaper from the 80's& 90's geese push the freaking blower guys. Extra $300 now is going to be an extra $500-$800 to fix the drive in 4/5 years down the rd. what ever happened to doing leaves for 30 days straight 12 hrs a day then looking at urself in a mirror in December going " yes sir Pushing that blower paid off". Remember this " work like a slave,eat like a king,look like a god". Unless ur on a 2 acre lot or a golf course using a cyclone self propelled that can actually move at a decent pace ,if ur strong enough u can definately push the blower faster even up hills than the self propelled ones. Now All u slackers that love ur riding mowers, Don't get offended. It's just the truth.
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While I agree that it is important to stay in somewhat of decent shape I have to disagree about working like a slave. Not a slap as I know you can probably physically work any of us to embarassment however my business is about time. Time is money and I have to do things as fast and efficient as possible in order to make money. Lets use this same philosophy for snow. Would you use a hand shovel to do snow for your customers? It wouldn't be too profitable but you certainly would be in shape but poor in shape. You have to work as they say "smarter not harder" in some respects.
I do love riding but I love it not because I am a slacker or lazy, its because it makes my pockets heavier and that makes my quads work harder!
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