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Originally Posted by Panhead View Post
I got this call this morning I recently picked up this year. She has a husky, not sure what it is, gray puffy dog. Guessing weighs little under 90 lbs. Her back yard is gated and the driveway has split gates you can swing open. She uses bungy (sp) cords to prevent it from opening. She uses both to hold them closed. I only put one on as I got done with her backyard. I tied it in a way that you couldn't open easily. Her call this morning complains about me not using the other bungy cord to hold the gates closed. Apparently, the dog escaped from the yard and almost got hit by a vehicle. I know when I tied the gate up, you couldn't swing it open. The fence/gates aren't high, just stomach height. I only put the one on so I can get in easily, cut it and secure it.

This blame got me pretty pissed off this morning and in a bad mood. I didn't call her back. I know she doesn't use a leash when she leaves the dog in the backyard. I was going to simply leave her a message that it was not my responsiblilty that the dog got loose. She's convinced that 2 bungy cords work. But as I stated, I had the bungy cord tied in a way that the gates wouldn't open.

How do I handle this situation? What should I tell her?

Earlier this year, I had another dog owner call me up and complain about the weeds in her lawn. Apparently, one of her dogs got stung by a few bees. I called her back up and just told her that the lawn needs to be fertilized. As for a dog owner, they don't want to hear that and want you to cut so low that your cutting dirt.

Any feedback is appreciate it.
Originally Posted by Panhead View Post
Try to un-tie it when you can't get your fingers or hand through the chain link. Its stomach high fence and you'd probably tell your helper to go around and get it. Thats being lazy!!!!

Of course, someone in the bunch has to be a hot shot and give me a smart ass answer,
hence why I don't visit the forum A LOT!
Did you expect anything different especially when you are in the wrong?

What's with the lawn needs fert to get rid of weeds? When did this become the norm? I thought fert helped the grass grow not kill weeds. It almost sounds as though you don't know what you're doing. To me, your original post sounds like it's all about you and nothing to do with the customer.
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