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I guess i am not allowed a different opinion. All this wanker sucking around here gets old. I am in the real world, i have to bid this crap and get it. And a 5 year warranty to back up my quality.

Could it have been neater, hell yeah i already conceded that point to you. If it had a junction box with terminals and wire spades would it have taken hours longer.... yes. Would the client ever know the difference... no. With a 5-year warranty my clients are guaranteed a quality system.

You just flipping hate me because i have a different opinion sometimes, and i dont get on my knees everytime you open your mouth. Even though i have conceded to you on several of your points that i have thought about and decided you were right. Like mixing mp rotators and rotors. Even though you dont have any in the field experience, you call me a hack. When i saved a client $500 by using a weight rated valve box instead of a $500 basin for a small water feature, you called me a hack.

Your are self proclaimed expert. Didnt you just start a thread, "i can find anything"?

I am just here to get bashed, wake up this sometimes boring forum, and learn as much as i can from the experts in their trade including you with your extreme talent in locating. But i dont suck wanker.
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