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Originally Posted by 32vld View Post
Joe is out of business not because he waited to buy a mower. Joe's out of business because he did not take that job when offered and use what equipment he had. If he had to work longer days, so be it.

Now Joe could of went out and bought that new 60 mower as you strongly advised him to and be on the account a month and through no fault of his own lose that account. He's made 1 payment on a 48 month loan with 47 more payments to go and no way to make them. Bank goes to court, sheriff auctions off Joe's assets.

Joe is now out of business, out of assets, and out on his ass following your business model.
Wrong. He already brings in 3k a month from his other accounts. He can make the $250 payment out of that. Sure, he might get hungry, but that will provide an incentive to go out and get more lawns. Pass out some door hangers, put an add in the paper, etc.
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