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It is difficult, I struggle with what you speak of on an almost daily basis, like you say, always watching these folks with all their brand new things...
My truck has dents in it, the paint is faded and scratched, rust so bad we have to consider welding steel over the holes, and it's only 17 years old so you get the picture.

But you know what, I don't have a monthly payment on anything and I've been in this business for north of 10 years now.
Then I have seen first hand with these people and their shiny stuff, they never have any money and they're always borrowing from one end to pay off the other, how they manage to get one more loan is a bit far off for me but what I do know is I don't think I want to live that way, either.

Then I remember...
Debt always looks pretty from the outside.
Now I know what they mean when they say "she sure looks pretty"

And if your business were to go belly up, not that it would but in the unlikely event that it did, at least it's still ALL yours.

Originally Posted by jsslawncare View Post
You never use credit in this industry. 30 accounts today, 3 tomorrow. Cash is king.
We has a winner!

Same with those Lco's, 30 shiny trucks today, 27 repossesed by the end of the month.

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