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Originally Posted by alexschultz1 View Post
Crack in the hydro lines = air bubbles forming in the pumps which could cause serious issues. Sorry for the very negative post, it's something that needs to be looked at by a mechanic.
Are you serious?

You've never had air in hydro lines before? It happens all the time when new. There is no way to remove all air from a hydraulic system when brand new. Not to mention suction lines can start sucking air as well.

Or, hydro lines can just crack from age or wear and tear or a weak spot in a crimp or hose line, from the manufacturer.

Originally Posted by Southern Heritage View Post
What are you talking about?
I was hoping I wasn't the only one.

Free bump, wish I had the cash, I would be all over it. I have an Aussie Dingo with the chains and gasser. Always wanted the diesel 4 Paws.

Good luck.
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