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Originally Posted by Mickhippy View Post
Speaking of top speed, watch this but pay attention at 10.32 and listen to what he says when he gets back to the cam. I cracked up!
I like the Cheetah, and I believe the Scag Velocity Plus deck is probably the best all-around deck on the market. With that said, this grass is at a thickness and dryness level enabling it to be cut perfectly. I could go pass for pass beside him at the speed he was running, and a person could not tell with the naked eye which mower cut each pass.

I think, which he did not mention, but his cut was pretty equal in what he described as the larger grass at the higher speed, which would have been in the 15 mph range, if the actual speed with blades turn off and deck up is truly 16 mph.

I think someone said you could not cut at that speed without leaving uncut grass, and this was due to the blades not turning fast enough according to his calculations...WRONG...and I think this gentleman even brought that out when saying, to cut grass at maximum speed the property would need to be perfectly smooth, he is basing that statement from a ride standpoint, and says nothing about it not being able to cut grass at that speed.

I watched his mower as he moved over this property, and it would be considered relatively smooth, if not, he would've had a hard time staying in the seat while crossing it at top speed, and as you noticed, there was no problem.
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