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customer relations opinion needed

Looking for some opinions here on how to handle this customer. One and a half years ago I planted a line of white crape myrtles for a customer. They were either 15 or 25 gallon size, I have to pull my records to confirm which size. Anyway, they were about six feet tall. They were all labeled as white but the were planted when dormant. So now a year and a half later the guy calls and says one tree was pink and he wants it dug up and replanted somewhere else and a new one installed. I can see that I am responsible for planting a pink tree and will replace it but it seems like I should charge something to dig it up and move it somewhere else. Also he tells me one azalea we planted has died but it could have lived a year before it died for all I know. How long do you warranty plants you installed and whats your opinion on moving the pink myrtle. Thanks.
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