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Originally Posted by anyway View Post
rosewater......i called dupont about pine tree in front yard next to powerlines and they sent davey tree out,they took a picture of me standing next to tree holding a paper with a id# and approximate foot of tree then removed it,and had to sign a paper that they removed it,then got a call from underwoods a week later saying not to let davey do anymore work because underwoods won't get paid,then underwoods came out and cut 4 trees down in backyard and stump grinded,i had to bring dirt in to fill holes and plant grass seed which did not grow,i took pictures and video of all progress being done as underwoods did not take any pictures or have me sign anything for tree removal,underwoods said only 2 trees were imprelis related,40ft and 25ft tree and 10 bushes,i had them remove 3 more that mark said was a fungus and not imprelis related (not sure about that) but again,nothing was documented or signed by me for removal,they removed 3 of my neighbors and left tree roots and piles of dirt in his yard,looks like crap and he has not recieved an agreement either........
Are you saying you did not give them permission to come onto your property to remove certain trees/plants? If so, that's serious. And, to disgard evidence and then leave a hole and a mess? Unbelieveable.
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