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Originally Posted by MDLawn View Post
I notice it. But the other thing I notice is that probably 95% of everyone on here will ask what is the cheapest price they should get a mower for? Where can I find the cheapest place to dump grass/dirt/etc..?. Where can I get the cheapest mulch from? Where can I get cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap...... EVERYONE is looking for the deal and how can anyone blame them? Maybe one would say that the above is just how you run your business to keep costs down. Well maybe you buy the cheap mower and get bad service, maybe you dump at a site that doesn't take care of the environment like it should, and maybe the cheap mulch is a bad product. So maybe one gets burned and pays more next time.
But, but, but that's different.

Ya know, because if Dealer A is charging $5 more than Dealer B, Dealer A is a automatically a crook.

Turn that scenario around, and Dealer B is a lowballer.

You just have to love hypocrisy.
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