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You can't blame bush for your entire life going forward

Originally Posted by yardworkswi View Post
Hopefully our industry is not taking advantage of people by paying low wages and further hurting the economy. It is much harder now to get a good paying job than it was in previous generations and things cost considerably more. Obama is far from perfect but it was the hole we were put in by the previous administration that is to blame. Its no coincidence that when a pres and vp that came from the oil company get in office that prices skyrocket and oil companies have record profits. Imagine if you could get away with price fixing and charge whatever you wanted without someone else taking your business. And I thought monopolies were made illegal because of standard oil many yrs ago. Campaign funds given to the republican party from oil companies tripled during Bush while it remained the same for democrats ironically so did the price per gallon. People used to make enough money to buy things with cash once that fizzled out credit cards came around so that we could still buy and now we pay interest on top of the cost. When I was young and we needed things my family spent the day going to a hardware store, bakery, meat market, grocery store, sporting goods store, electronics store and wherever else goods were that we needed. Now we go to Walmart. All of these businesses had owners, managers, skilled tradesmen, and general employees and have been replaced with minimum wage part timers with no benefits all so that Walmart can monopolize just about anything you can think of by paying low wages and buying in bulk. The loss of wages to these employees of businesses that "used to be" are all going to one place now and Sam isnt spending it like they used to. With this and the rise in cost of almost everything we have to pay for there is not much hope for us middle class remaining much longer soon you will be either rich or poor and just like in monopoly when the poor run out of cash the game is over!
Should I bring up Zachery Taylor, or Woodrow about Lyndon Baines Johnson? How far back are we going to go in the blame game? No. Enough of the "Bush put us in such a hole, blah,blah, blah..." rhetoric. OBama said he could fix it, and he didn't...simple as that. If he would've fixed it, I'd vote for him. But he didn't. Walmart isn't your problem, people are your problem. America is chock full of takers, people who produce nothing but suck off the teets of the producers. My teets are red and swollen from the amount of suckers milking my money in food stamps, welfare, assistance, fraud, etc each and every day. Don't blame Bush or Cheney or Condoleeza or Walmart...blame the American people who cheat on disability claims or the 45 million folks on food stamps and sell half of 'em for cash, or the unmarrieds who stay unmarried because they can get more section 8 benefits...those are your real problems.

I thank the good Lord for the rich. "The rich" hire you. Many of my best lawn customers are rich. Love 'em. They cut me big fat checks to mow grass for 'em. You work for the rich. The rich own stuff and make things happen and risk capital that only the rich have. The rich went to medical school or law school, things you couldn't hack. You settled for "Elementary Ed" or "Safety" degrees while partying your life away. They got 31 MCAT scores by busting ass and making it happen. Now, they're rich and own things and can afford to pay for services. The Poor and middle class people have nothing to risk. They cash paychecks by trading time for money, that's the way it works. Go out, middle class, and borrow from friends and family to start up that BBQ joint or soft serve ice cream stand or automatic car wash. Go ahead, see how tough it is. That's right, you don't want the risk do you? You want safety, steady, you want to know that the paycheck will always be there. But you'll work at those places, take care of your families off that paycheck, and go home and badmouth the boss or owner because they have more toys than you. Right? I'm too right...that's the problem...
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