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Originally Posted by Realslowww View Post
I like the Scag as well for the fact that they are built like art but the overall design is no match for the Super,the Super being so simple in design and less joints parts and so forth is what makes it a 15 MPH mower that can take the punishment that mowing at 15 MPH brings with it over rough terrain without having to wrench the chasses because of how simply made they are.
You know a mower can't cut grass at 15 mph, the blades (according to someone's calculations) just can't turn fast enough to hit all the standing grass...but this is a facetious statement, just added that because many will take take the statement as what I actually believe.

I will totally agree with you on this point, there is no ztr built today with the strength and simplicity of a Hustler Super Z, and this is the reason I continue to buy the Super Z over other mowers. I do want to run a Cheetah for a comparison, and the first thing I will do is check the speed by distance and time, which is more accurate than GPS.
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