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Originally Posted by puppypaws View Post
You know a mower can't cut grass at 15 mph, the blades (according to someone's calculations) just can't turn fast enough to hit all the standing grass...but this is a facetious statement, just added that because many will take take the statement as what I actually believe.

I will totally agree with you on this point, there is no ztr built today with the strength and simplicity of a Hustler Super Z, and this is the reason I continue to buy the Super Z over other mowers. I do want to run a Cheetah for a comparison, and the first thing I will do is check the speed by distance and time, which is more accurate than GPS.
You said it yourself, math is math. Numbers are numbers whether a distance/time calculation or blade tip speed/area calculation.

I know for a fact that Scag not only reccomends not mowing at top speed they dont even recommend mowing in high gear on the cheetah's 2 speed trans. Apparently Hustler feels the same way. And im sorry you get different answers depending on who you talk to at Hustler. That speaks volumes in itself!!
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