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4 Toro timemaster`s - 600hr mark conclusion.

Well, like I explained in spring, the timemaster was going to be my answer.
I bought 4 machines (new in spring), I ran 5-6 people full time all summer (still going), and......all machine are still functioning. If I were to guess at the hours....there would be a minimum of 600 per machine.

Here is what I replaced...1 wheel, and 2 plastic clips that hold the front ax;e on the machine. Thats it. I didnt change the oil, I didnt sharpen the blades. My crews hit stuff, big stuff. Hell I watched one girl hit a half inch steel spike that was holding a Century 21 for sale sign in the ground....with the blades. Lots of noise, no damage.

All the kill switches failed, so i yanked the wires, and if you touch them dies. lol.

All front tires....completly bald. cracks or breaks.
Cables...all still working.
Transmissions....simple cable adjustment...still working fine. They still spin the tires.
Motor...2 motors somehow had fuel leak past the carb right into the cylinder - hydro locking it; pull the plug and drain them - fires right back up and didnít happen again. They used next to no oil all summer.

Overall condition at the end of the season....I have 4 mowers that are meant for parts now.

Review: June`s thick heavy grass challenged them! Bagging was hard, often had to double cut. May July August Sept perfect. If I asked a crew to grab a 21`inch mower (Hondo HRX) to do something....they hated it. They look at it just as they would cutting a lawn with a weed wacker.

Over purchase i made for the summer. Next year....I am doing the same thing.

Just my review for you!!
some of these and some of those.
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