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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
You know, I normally respect your opinions, but when you start whining like a baby because I posted the truth straight from Hustler, you make yourself look very small.

If you want to come at me, then come on with it. No need to post "someone said". Everyone knows I said it. I'll stand by it. Bring your mower up here and see just how much grass it misses at full sticks during the summer months. Just because you mow several acres on a farm, does not make you the end all be all of mower knowledge. Nor does having more than one Z. Many of us have cut as much grass as you have or more, and have some pretty good ideas about what works and what doesn't. Until you've mowed all over the country you have no idea of what works anywhere else other than your immediate area.

Like I said DO THE MATH. The math is what it is. Numbers don't lie. The numbers say that the odds are very high for lots of stringers being left behind, especially on northern turf.

Just because the crap you cut is very stiff and you can cut it clean enough for your satisfaction, doesn't mean it would pass everyone else's standards- LCO or customer. Nor does it mean that your mower willl do it on any other turf grass outside of what you are cutting.
The blades probably don't turn as fast in Michigan, could be the air is just much thinner that far north, that may why the "ODDS" are very high for lots of stringers being left.
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