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Yes we have been very busy.

That may be some of the difference. We start our grind from wood that is brought into our yard by either us or customers, or from the land clearing jobs we do. We do a primay grind for size reduction, then regrind it to final product on a second pass through 2 screens, a 2" in the front and a 3" on the back side. We get a nice size final product with that. We also grind 2 different primary materials, depending on where the final product is going. We do general land clearing debris, with everything in it tree wise from the root balls to the tops and that product goes to some customers as just a primary grind and they do the finish grinding on it. The other feed material we use is just clean wood, no root balls or leafy material. That product we send to a local customer as a finished product. They have purchased about 150 loads so far this year(15,000 yards) and we are starting to get into busy season now. Just today we got a call from a customer in south Florida who said they would take 200 loads right now. Im thinking its about time to start looking for some more equipment.
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