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Originally Posted by puppypaws View Post
I know you believe the blades just can't turn fast enough to cut grass at the speed of the Cheetah in the video, so how do you suppose it performed that miracle?

If the blades can't turn fast enough, where is the standing grass left in this video?
If you are referring to the scene where he drives down the side of the driveway at full sticks, I dare you to prove that there ISN'T any standing grass, because you can't. The video is taken from too far away, not to mention he isn't taking more than an inch or two off right there. He isn't going near full sticks anywhere else in the video while close enough to get a good look at the cut. Maybe it's alright with you to do butcher work, but for those of us who depend on doing this for our income, we have more to think about than just bragging about having the fastest or strongest mower on some forum. We need to give the best we can or run the risk of losing an account to someone else in a time when LCO's are everywhere now.

Apparently you have no idea of what I believe, so don't put words into my mouth. You are arrogant in the extreme sometimes. The guy from Hustler sends me a reply with what they recommend, I post it, and now it's my fault that they happen to agree with me and not you?

If you want to mow your grass at full sticks, be my guest, but it doesn't make you right. Some guys have grass that they can geta way with it on, soome don't. You simply can't tell everyone here that it's ok with no caveat included about grass type or condition.

I can drive 120 mph on the ice too. It doesn't mean it's the best thing to do.
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