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Originally Posted by KS_Grasscutter View Post
Wrong. He already brings in 3k a month from his other accounts. He can make the $250 payment out of that. Sure, he might get hungry, but that will provide an incentive to go out and get more lawns. Pass out some door hangers, put an add in the paper, etc.
You make getting customers is just putting out some flyers, etc, and customers will knock down doors to hire an LCO.

Seems there are more people here struggling to grow then their are people having their doors knocked down.

Obama gets reelected, economy gets worse then in 2007. He loses most of his up sell work. Instead of aerateing spring, weed and feed 5 time, slit seed fall, trim hedges, mulch beds, mow, edge, blow. 1/4 of his customers don't cust back, 1/2 his customers cut back to just mow blow and go, 1/4 of his customers can't afford him.

Now that extra $250 is no longer there.

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