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Originally Posted by 32vld View Post
You are confusing need with want.

You do not need to grow that fast. You chose to grow that fast.

Truely wish you well.

You are right, I do not need to grow that fast. I am the type of person that when opportunity knocks I explore the option. I currently do not mow lawns. If I continue to do only fert/squirt, plowing, and landscaping I wouldn't see much profit but would be billing almost $400k worth of work. Like I said, I was cash only for equipment for a long time. I have these contracts for 3 yrs and can easily pay off the equipment within a year or 2 tops and it will open up more cash flow. I guess Im just pointing out that there are times to use credit and times not to. Thanks for the good wishes, and I wish the best for you also.
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