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Originally Posted by Mike Leary View Post
You've got to spell out what winterize is all about: it's not all about air. It's about inspecting the operation of each zone/head:alignment, clogging, flow-by, etc. Air is great for searching for leaks, so attention to air bubbles should be noted during the walk-thru. Winterize can be done professionally or "show, blow, go".
Mike - on megas like yours, that will work. For 95-99% of the blow outs here, spending extra time which relates to extra charges, is going to mean a lean winter due to no blow outs. I walk around as much as I can and look/listen for leaks, especially on the drip lines though.

I did get a mega today, that I will have to go back for. Existing customer bought on a foreclosure and is fixing it up. 50+ zones, but get this. 24 are on the controller, and more than 25 Hunter battery op valve/controllers Good thing is there was a sticker on the controller from a previous company working on it and I called him. He is going to give me some advice, seeing how I loaned him my backup compressor for four days.
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