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It's just you!

LOL, J/K. Things seem to come in batches with me but I have enough equipment to work right through it usually. I've got at least 2 of everything so when something goes down or won't start easily I usually don't mess with it, I just grab another one. They're not all perfect replacements but good enough to get the job done.

I suggest you put together an emergency repair kit. I have a spare belt for everything behind the seat of my truck (some I wouldn't want to change in the field though), a tire repair kit, mini cigarette lighter compressor, jumper pack, spare spark plugs, filters, bailing wire, duct tape, JB Weld, epoxy putty, electrical connectors and a pretty full tool kit. I think my biggest ongoing nightmare is keeping all the lights working on my trailers...seems I've always got a bulb out somewhere. I usually have a tire or 2 that needs air every day or 2 until it bothers me enough to do something about it. But yeah, keeping all your equipment running can be a royal PITA.

Oh, as far as the brush cutting goes...if you're just cutting light brush as an ongoing maintenace type thing you should be fine with the weed/grass blade and the loop handle. But if you're doing clearing that requires a circular saw-type blade, you really should be using a bike handlebar unit with a harness.
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