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Originally Posted by TK LC&L View Post
I am just curious to see what people are getting these days in this economy. I was told that in mowing, if a yard takes an hour then charged $30. And for mulching, $100/yard which includes mulch, delivery, edging, spreading, and any minor weeding. Also for employees, $10/hour for a person with little to no experience and about $15/hour for someone experienced in the field. Any thoughts or opinions? I am in Pennsylvania by the way, I know that different areas get different rates.
your not too far off except, i can't get anyone in my area to work for much less then 15/hr 10 and hr would be a godsend. 100/yard for mulch depending on the job, sometimes its only 75 or 80 a yard, + tax. and it includes everything you listed. and with me an another guy doing my lawns they are all priced so i gross 2 dollars a minute or better. so a 25 minute lawn would be at least 50 for me probably closer to 65 even. most of my 40 dollar lawns only take 15 mins from start to finish, upgrading to the 61" cheetah has really increased my productivity a lot and now with leaves falling the bagger i just spent 2900 on is really speeding things up. 15 dollars extra per lawn, most i don't even half to haul away the debris. i'm in ct, and i get 95% of the lawns i look at, fall clean ups i haven't quite figured out what the magical number is for that, but i am on my way to that one now that i have a bagger, and can move leaves that much quicker. snow plowing I have residential driveways in the bag, I get about 99% of the driveways i look at and i average 140 per hour by myself in a small storm up to 6" so to make 140 per hour plowing is a cheap rate or I make one hell of first impression, idk but i get about 3 new driveways a week starting last week until the first snow.
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